Splattered Paint
Dry Flowers

Artist Biography

Miriam had a love for painting and drawing throughout childhood; she began devoting more time to developing her style of painting following her youngest child starting school. Now several years have passed she has exhibited across Worcestershire, where she is based, including at the RBSA in 2013. Miriam has received positive responses to her paintings, selling throughout the UK via galleries, online and directly to private buyers from her studio in Worcestershire.


Working with acrylic her semi abstract paintings are inspired by both landscape and sky.  As the light changes, causing ever-changing colour and movement throughout the four seasons, whatever the time of day or year, there are endless ideas for new material.

Miriam's paintings gain a depth through layers of paint.  Texture is introduced with the use of a palette knife and occasionally the addition of other media.  The paintings evolve as each layer is applied along with the use of translucent mediums and giving the paint a freedom of movement across the canvas.  Whether it is vibrant or a gentleness in the light depicted, each painting has a journey and a story of its own.